Mamavation..have you heard?

This is so awesome! Such a great opportunity and support system for moms even moms to be! Since I cannot get the video to link to this post (sorry still learning) please follow this link to learn more about Mamavation and Remember….tomorrow is the Twitter launch party where two new mama’s will be announced Monday July 12 8p-10p Eastern time.


The Journey Begins

I have been toying with the idea of a blog for some time. It came to me the other night while on a favorite “mom” website. Combine my new passion for exercise and  cooking with my LOVE for health promotion. But what makes me different from the other “mommy bloggers”? I’m a mom of 4 1/2 year old twin boys and a part-time Emergency Room Nurse who realized she needed to change her eating habits as well as her families. By sharing our journey I am hoping to spark awareness to other families about how important a healthy lifestyle is and how everyone benefits. Hopefully some of you will join me.

I am excited to try new healthy recipes and review them for you. I’ll blog about exercise and how to squeeze in time every week and even everyday. I’ll cover some common ailments and ways to fight back. My goal is to become healthier as a whole: mind, body, soul.

So please, join me as we work together through the ups and downs (hopefully more ups than downs). Expect posts at least weekly to start, increasing to twice a week or more depending on topic needs.