PureLYFT Review

As a busy mom and a working mom I am so use to reaching for that cup of coffee every morning to kick start my day. Unfortunately me and coffee have a love/hate relationship. The stomach turmoil is not always worth the eye opening jolt I crave and need in the morning. I am always looking for a better alternative to coffee and when the chance to review a new “clean caffeine” came up, I jumped on the chance to review.


LYFT Energy Stir Sticks are made from green coffee bean extract and can be stirred into any beverage of your choosing. The handy stick form allows them to be portable and convenient for an active, busy lifestyle.

This week I found myself out of creamer and literally running out the door without my cup of joe. Luckily, I had the PureLYFT sticks in my work bag so a glass of water easily replaced my cup of coffee. They are easy to use. Just peel off the label and stir into the beverage of your choice. I was surprised that there was very little taste with the stick added to my water. It gave me the wake up call I needed but I did not crash by lunch. I also likes the fact that I did not get a migraine with this product. I tend to be sensitive to zero calorie sweeteners and it was a pleasant surprise that I did not end up up with headache after using both sticks.

As an added bonus, PureLYFT has vitamins A and B complex and 0 calories. I could see me adding this to my post workout smoothies for an extra boost.

I plan on keeping a stash in my desk at work, in my car, gym bag, and my purse for when I need a little pick me up. Not to mention what a great product to travel with on a plane!


To learn more about PureLYFT or to purchase, find them online here

If you end up purchasing, let me know what you think and how you will use yours.


I’m Back!

Hello Blog world! I am back and working on some fun things! I have found myself running more and more! I have been experimenting with some recipes and trying to make them healthier and I cannot wait to start sharing them with all of you!

First and foremost, I have been trying to get into running more. I finished the Twin Cities Marathon 10 Miler last year and I set a bigger goal this year by conquering The Twin Cities Summit Challenge!

The first 5K has been complete (post coming soon). But join me as I train for my first Half Marathon and improve my 10 Mille time. I will be posting my running adventures, meals and more! This is a year for a new me and in turn encourage my family to keep moving!

Embrace the change

It has been a long time since my last post. The problem, focus. Focus on me, on health, on eating, the gym. I have been taking time refocusing my energy and my goals. It is good to revisit our goals since they do change as we change. My goals have changed and my families’ goals have changed. Here is what I have figured out:

My boys are not eating like they should. They have regressed. We have a battle on our hands to get them to make healthier choice, once again, and stick with them. R is better than B at trying new foods but R eats like a bird. I have to find a way to hide more nutrition into what they are willing to eat.

Hubby and I need more nutrients as well, but on a different level. To let you in our new healthy eating journey I wanted to answer the following question from Mamavation:

What steps have you made so far this year to improve your quality of life?

Awhile back I won a new book. The book maybe familiar to some of you, Theresa Albert’s Ace Your Health: 52 Ways to Stack Your Deck. With the help of this book, we are making simple, small shifts in how we eat one week at a time. Our first step was eating breakfast everyday, within one hour of waking up. Basically this helps your body to know what to expect each day. If you start with protein and fiber your digestion will start to slow down, gradually increasing your insulin level and preventing the crash and burn while leaving you feel satisfied until lunch. Sounds simple, right? Not for this gal. I have been notorious for having coffee or juice in the morning and calling that “breakfast”. *GASP* Shame on me, I know better. But why can’t I follow through? Time. I am so busy getting the boys ready for school, getting them breakfast, and out the door with me following close behind on my way to the gym that I feel that I don’t have time. But this past week, I made time. I got up a little earlier, 30 minutes, and had small breakfasts to see if I could tell a difference. The result? I didn’t crash during or after my morning workout. Yes, it was my “DUH” moment.

Since breakfast is all fine and dandy and a must, my husband and I decided to add a trip to our local health food store for 4 main staples to give a boost to our nutrient factor. So on top of eating breakfast (not just coffee), we have been learning about and adding in White Chia Seeds (better known as “the pottery that grows”), Hemp Seeds, Nutritional Yeast, and Miso Paste to our foods.

I’ll be honest , we have only tried the hemp seeds and chia seeds so far. So why am I eating these? Hemp seeds are a great source of protein. In each tablespoon you get 5 grams of protein as well as fiber. I have been adding these seeds to salads, yogurt, pasta, and I have thought about sprinkling onto pizza. White Chia seeds are full of fiber, omega-3’s, as well as antioxidants. TMI alert…they do help regulate the bowels. I have sprinkled Chia seeds in my yogurt, oatmeal, salads, pasta and I am sure the list doesn’t stop there. My favorite breakfast so far has been rolled oats made with water with 1 banana mashed in after oats are cooked, with a tablespoon of chia seeds and 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds and a splash of skim milk.  I felt so good during my workout and after. With energy to spare for the rest of the day.

I am back in the running game. I have signed up for Susan G Komen Race for a Cure 5K on Mother’s Day, a relay half marathon on July 4th, as well as adding my name into the Twin Cities 10 mile lottery. I hate running indoors, so I have been slowly trying to get used to running outside in the cold and currently snow.

Last but not least, water has made it’s way back into my hand as my go to drink. I am getting at least 64oz a day.

So this has been my focus and will continue to be my focus to help improve my health. Now if I could only get the boys on board. I can only continue to hope that if my husband continue to model these behaviors, they will follow.

Until next week, cheers to your health!!

This post is sponsored by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway

Living Healthier with Technology

I had a whirlwind of a weekend! We were off to Madison, Wi for a wedding on my Husband’s side of the family.  Hubby and I were all set and ready to run early Friday morning. We have bee using our Nike+ Sportbands since May to help track our runs. As we were getting ready to run, I look over at little man R and realize that his left ankle is twice the size of his right and a nasty red color and warm to the touch. My run get’s placed on the back burner as I get on the phone with the insurance company to find an Urgent Care that is covered in Wisconsin. So two hours later we are back at the in-laws house, with antibiotics in hand, and I am now ready to get in a quick workout in before the wedding. So I grab my iPhone, not running anymore, too hot and not enough time, and instead did a quick Nike Training Workout from one of my apps.

My point, thank goodness for technology! Whether it is helping me track my runs, or sneaking in a quick on the go workout. I use many different forms of technology for healthy living. I have my iPhone to  map my running and biking routes, play my favorite tunes while I sweat it out on the treadmill, or tell me that it I am half way through my run and need to turn around and start heading towards home while not missing a beat in my favorite Katy Perry song. I have a heart rate monitor to track my heart rate and calorie burn during Cardio Kick and Cycle or any other cardio activity that I may want to makke sure I am keeping my hear trate on Target. Technology has made fitness a little easier for us to do on the fly and while traveling. We can bring our favorite workouts with us in the palm of our hand. I have used pedometers  (like they have at Omron Fitness) at work to track my steps to challenge myself each week to see if I could go a few steps further each time. But my last one went through the wash and well, it hasn’t been replaced.

I use the Internet to find and share healthy recipes such as Foodnetwork.com and allrecipes.com and inspiredrd.com  as well as twitter. I have become such a better cook since website like these have emerged! I hated sorting through cookbooks and trying recipes without any feedback. It has been so nice to search for recipes, read reviews and try recipes based on other people’s reviews and feedback.

Twitter and Blogging has also kept me accountable for my fitness goals. By making my goals public my friends and family will check in on me asking me how I am doing and it keeps me pushing forward and working harder towards achieving those goals.

We are off in the morning for a weeks vacation. Planning on some hiking, family yoga, swimming, and so much more. Take care!!

This post is sponsored by Omron Fitness and I’m writing this to be entered into an Omron Fitness pedometer giveaway hosted by Mamavation .

Hey honey, the kids are watching…

Ok, get your head out of the gutter and back to the blog post 😉 I have to constantly remind myself and my hubby that the boys (5-year-old twins , for those just visiting) are always watching. This includes our language, what we eat, how we drive, what we wear, what we listen to on the radio. Take for example, my latest car trip to the gym this morning. We were running late (read as, I was running late) and I hear from the back seat, “Come on cars we are going to be late for mommy’s class, move it!” Oops! That sure sounded like something I would say, but it came out of a 5-year-old mouth. Note to self, use inside driver’s voice from now on. Check.

But also heard on a recent conversation between the boys when discussing what we should have for breakfast this weekend. We were running errands as a family and my Husband and I decided Panera would be a safer bet for breakfast than McD’s and little B piped up that he wanted McD’s  pancakes. Little R, my pancake lover, chimed in and tells his brother “they are good but they are not the healthy choice.” Someone has been listening to mommy and daddy lately. Huh. I guess the biggest lesson I have learned so far in my 5 1/2 years with my boys is that if you practice what you preach they will pay attention and follow suit, eventually.

So I am continuing to stock our fridge with fresh produce and placing it on their plates at each meal. If it is on their plate it will be on mine as well as my husband’s. We will challenge ourselves to try new foods that are in season as well. We are looking forward to our up coming vacation in August and have many outdoor activities planed for that time. As for my own personal goals, I have lost 2 lbs this week and that puts me 3 lbs away from my goal weight! In the last 2 weeks I have shed about 5-6 lbs and I am not sure why but it is falling off and I feel wonderful! I am struggling with a training plan for my MS mud Run In September. It is coming very fast and I am now at a loss as to where to even start. A refresher, it is a 10 race through a military-style obstacle course made of mud. Thoughts? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


A Fresh Start

I am so late with this post this week due to lack of sleep & unexpected double shifts at work. But I really hope people get to read this post. I HAVE NEWS! I am practically bursting at the seams I can’t wait to share with you! I feel like I have finally accomplished another break through. But I am going to make you wait. Tee hee. ; )

So some of you may have read last weeks post of my heat related running issue, I am better. I have refueled with water an am back with a full tank. Sunday after my 5K played 18 holes of golf with hubby and my father in-law. Monday was a rest day because I really should have rested on Sunday and my body made sure to tell me so. Tuesday was our travel day home. Wednesday morning I received a call from my mom (who is a widow, long story and another reason for why I am on a mission for a healthy family) to tell me she needed help painting the outside of her house. Come again? It’s 7:30am and you’re doing what? “I’ll be right over” with twin torpedos (my 5 year olds who were wound up after being in a car the day before). So I spent Wednesday going up and down a 20ft ladder (great glut workout by way), and working my arms by painting for 9 hours. Thursday I was at my mom’s again for 5 more hours of painting followed by a quick shower then off to work. Friday I worked for 16 1/2 hours (3pm-7:30am on Saturday), Saturday well I slept until I had to be at work again by 7pm. Then Sunday it was off to work again by 3pm.

So where is this good news you ask? Ah…good question. My good news is not about me. I may have been the busy mama. But a certain husband of mine has been taken notes. And I couldn’t be more proud of him!! Since our 5K on Saturday he has run several times during lunch last week and this week. He is watching what he eats. Wait, let me say that differently, he is eating very healthy. He made me several meals this past weekend (let’s face it, I was in no shape to be using sharp tools, lack of sleep) and he cut vegetables and made fresh wrap sandwiches for both of us. He ate raw vegetables on his own. I had to look twice just to make sure I had the same husband. Even eating out with friends on Tuesday night he made smart choices. He is doing very well. While I slept on Saturday he did our grocery shopping and attempted at meal planning. We may have to go again mid-week but he did great. I guess it proves that if you just keep going and keep leading by example your family will follow suit when they are ready. I don’t nag him, at least not about food (may want to watch the comments for his feedback on that). I just don’t buy the junk food, candy, soda, etc. If it’s not in the house no one will eat it. The kids won’t ask or crave it.

So here’s hoping we can keep our family on the right path. And here’s to our FRESH Food Start!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Anxiously waiting for my 1st race day to come. I will be participating in the 5K Race for the Cure at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN this Sunday! I choose this to be my first race because it is for charity and it raises awareness about breast cancer AND my husband will be running his 1st 5K along side me! I am in the process of picking out my race attire. I will be wearing as much pink as possible that day, I am also trying to plan my husband’s pink flair as well.

My nerves are high right now. I am not were I would like to be prior to this race. I have no doubt that I will finish since I can run 5K, but I have not been getting to the gym as much as I normally do, April was a very busy month. So to prepare I am eating as healthy as I can this week without changing my diet too much. I plan on making grilled chicken and asparagus with a side salad for dinner. Our race starts at 7:30 so for breakfast, I will be eating light. Nothing heavy, just a light meal as normal. I am focusing on my water intake all week long just to stay hydrated. So far it doesn’t look like a warm morning, so heat exhaustion won’t be an issue.

I need to wrap my head around the fact that this will be me heading out for a run as normal. I need to ignore the crowd and just take in the crisp morning air. I am glad Brian, my husband, will be there to chat with and help push me along, and vise versa. This is bound to be a fun run and an emotional day. As a volunteer last year, the emotions were running wild. As a runner, I’m sure it will be no different.

Have a great week everyone! I will have race details for you next week!!


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