Run to the Rhythm 2011 recap

That was the scariest run I have ever been on! With that said, let me back up and say I am so glad I hydrated as much as I did the week leading up to the race. We knew it was going to be hot and muggy. I knew I hadn’t prepared as much as I should have, but planned on taking it slow it and steady. What I didn’t plan on was a side effect from a medication that I recently was restarted on a few weeks ago.

I get migraine headaches. I have struggled with migraines for years. But I also get tension headaches that have been triggering more migraine headaches recently. So I was started on a preventative over a year ago. I have never been very good at taking medication, (bad example for being an ER nurse, I know) I would rather change my habits first then resort to medications second. I have tried almost everything and now I am back to medications. We choose the least harmless to me, at least we thought, until yesterday during the the 5k.

I felt good that morning, nice and stretched, my pre-race jitters right on schedule but I was ready to go. There was a nice crowd ~500 registered from 27 states, not bad for a first annual race. Temp was upper 70s but very humid and full sun for 9am. The course started out very shady. But after our first up hill, it was full sun and hot! That’s when I started to feel my head spin, my legs got weak, and I stopped sweating. Not a single bead. Normally I would be thankful but for how hot I felt and knowing we were only a mile and a half in I was worried. My lips were cracked, I had no saliva, I was in trouble of quickly becoming into heat exhaustion. At the water station I tried to drink but threw it up, so took another glass over the top of my head and a third to the front of my shirt. I had several internal arguments in my head about laying down in the grass and stopping but my stubborn self/runner self was yelling “keeping going those feet moving!” I had a big hill coming up that had parts of sun shade mix. I made myself jog in the sunny spots to the shaded areas.

My little guys were at the end of the run and helped run me in. The gave me cold water they were drinking and told mommy not to give up and to keep running! My husband waited and gave up his time wait for me as well coming in just a second before me.

I don’t think I have struggled with anything in my life. I felt like such a wimp. But at the same time I accomplished a challenge. I ended up with a nasty headache for the rest of the day but it was worth it. I’ll keep running. What surprised me the most is my time. I thought for sure it was way worse than my 1st race in May. It wasn’t, I came in at 36:59. Not even a minute more than my May time. Makes me wonder what my time would have been if I had not run into trouble. I guess I will have to keep training to see!


Never prepared

I always seem to jump into things without thinking first. I signed up for my second 5K a month ago think I had plenty of time to prepare. I did, at the time, problem is, I didn’t prepare like I should have. Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t been sitting around eating bon bons and ice cream (mmm, ice cream) I have been busting my hind end at the gym at least 4 days a week but I have.not.been.running. So here I am, the Monday before my next (2nd ever) 5K run. I am scared! My goal was to break my time, feel good and confident and ready. Here I sit shaking and almost ready to puke! I ran last Thursday while it was nice and muggy out (ick) and I thought I was going to die! So my game plan for Saturday HYDRATE. Simply HYDRATE and of course FINISH. Did I mention this is a never been run before course? I am running in Madison, Wisconsin at Run to the Rhythm 2011. Average Temperature in Madison is usually 71 degrees. Beautiful, right?  Did I mention it is supposed to be 90 some degrees that day and humid. Thank goodness it is at 9am and that my in-laws live close to the clubhouse pool. So there is my stress. The upside, there will be the BEST firework show I have ever seen later that night! I am so excited to be taking my boys to it. My hubby brought me to this 13 years ago an we have gone almost every year since. But this will be the first year for our 5 year old boys since they are not as afraid of loud noises. The music the fireworks are set to is spectacular. Nothing compares! The all day festivities at the park are so fun the boys may actually sleep in in the morning *fingers crossed*. Sorry digressed, my dear hubby is running with me again (at my pace, sorry dear). I am happy to have the company and the support to push me through. The good news is, sounds like the entire last 1.1 miles is down hill and the finish line is visible! Talk about motivation!  I wish I had more time, but I know I will finish. It may not be a personal best but there will always be next year to come back an crush my own record.

Also, we will see how this newly turned 33-year-old (Tuesday) body holds up. Never thought I would be running in 5Ks let alone my up coming 10K MS Mud Run (with 78 military type obstacles).

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July everyone!!!