To New Beginnings

I have had a great week last week. I have been tracking my food intake on and I have been doing well with it. Hubby was the one who found the website and brought it to my attention. It has been nice because you can get reminders sent to your phone reminding you to go and log your food.  It also allows you to track your exercises and changes the amount of calories as you burn off your food. It has been a nice tool to keep me and hubby on track this past week.

My other down fall in the past has been meal planning, maybe planning in general. This morning, I sat down and planned out all our meals for the week paying closer attention to the fresh produce in my refrigerator that I need to use up before it spoils. This week I plan on trying out a few healthier meals from various sources. Tonight we had Salsa Chicken, adapted from Instead of Jar salsa, I had made fresh salsa last week that I needed to use up and the dinner was superb! the meal came in at 157 calories, 24.5 protein, and 3.3 grams of fat. Pair that with whole grain brown rice and some fresh guacamole and we had a very healthy meal that even my kids ate. I am making dinner for tomorrow night as I type this. It is lasagna courtesy of Jamie Oliver from his Jamie’s Food Revolution Cookbook. His foods are simple, healthy, and made with fresh ingredients and can save you money. I can tell you, I am impressed by the taste of the food just from the Bolognese sauce I made for the lasagna. Kind wish I had a scratch ‘n sniff capability for all of you.

At dinner tonight, I decided to engage the boys in a “game”. We played “what’s healthier”? (At the age of 5, both of my boys are pretty picky eaters. I can get them to eat 1 bite of a vegetable each meal, if I’m lucky. They will eat fruit like it is going out of style and the only meat they like is chicken. Don’t ask them to eat an egg, noodles, rice, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, green beans, or anything else green. I have to be very creative with meals.) Back to my story, we went through many of the products on our table tonight as well as some fast food options available, and asked the boys what they thought was healthier. They did well, better than I thought they would. After we discussed what was the healthy option we explained why it was healthier and why we need it. It lead us to an entire preschool wellness lesson.

I was excited to see Earth Footwear ask the Blogging Carnival Question this week about, “What does wellness mean to you?”I am a huge advocate of wellness. Wellness can be defined many different ways and mean something different to many people. To me, wellness encompasses positive mind, body, and soul. It is our physical health that we can guide with healthy nutrition, regular exercise, and sleep. It is feeding our desire for knowledge to fuel our passions and intellect. It is our happiness that helps guide our mental health. There is financial wellness that comes by being smart with our income, environmental wellness by being eco-friendly, spiritual wellness by looking within or looking to a higher power, social wellness by being with our friends and positive supportive peers, occupational wellness for those lucky enough to find a satisfying career, and medical wellness for preventing disease and promoting well being. Each piece is as important as the last. Combined it is who we are.

For those looking for motivation in the wellness department, please join us Monday night on Mamavation TV where we are joined by the wonderful Pete Cohen! Each time I hear Pete speak I always learn something new. He’s funny, he’s witty, and he’s not bad to look at. I always get a refreshed out look on where I want to be with my health and how I am going to get there.

I am looking forward to writing a few more posts in the upcoming days. I am in the works of putting together a giveaway. This week may not be the week due to me preparing for my review at work on Thursday and an interview on Friday. But I promise it will be BIG!! Have a great week everyone!