Tap tap tappin’ my Happy Feet

How nice are you to your feet? How much time do spend walking around on them in a day? Do you wear high heels? Shoes that are ill fitting? Do you pamper your feet?

I am down right mean to my feet. They are probably the most neglected part of my body. I have treated them to maybe (gasp) 5 pedicures in my lifetime (I’m only 33 mind you). When at work I spend my entire 8-12 hour Emergency room shift on my feet in running shoes. How often do I replace them? Not often enough. I should replace them every 6 months or so (or sooner). But I replace them when my co-workers are getting tired of hearing me whine and complain that my back is getting sore and that my legs are hurting, and this is just the beginning of our shift. That was my cue for new shoes. Until I developed plantar fasciitis over a year ago, so I have to be more careful.

I was thrilled to be hooked up with Happy Feet Insoles. I have tried a few other insoles but nothing has felt this good, or different. Different is GOOD!  Their insoles are 100% glycerin filled, designed to relieve foot, knee and back pain and improve circulation. The insoles are designed to distribute weight evenly, absorbing the shock of your foot with each step and massaging the foot at the same time. Remember my lack of pedicures? I think I may make up some points right here! Happy Feet Insoles are manufactured in the USA and come with a 1-year warranty. So rest assured you and your feet will be satisfied.

What makes them so different? The massaging feeling. It takes a little getting use to, so you will want to wear them around the house at first for short periods of time, but after a few days you will not want to take them off. The unique way the liquid in the insole rotates around the foot bed to massage the pressure points of the foot to alleviate stress as you walk, is second to none. I was surprised to open the package to find out how compact the insoles are, they fit into almost any shoe including sandals. Happy Feet insoles are washable and are anti-microbial treated to resist odors.

I gave these insoles a true test at work and wore them during a busy 5 day weekend stretch. Normally my feet would be sore by day 2 and my low back and legs would ache by days 3 and 4. I was pleased that nothing was sore on day 5 and I was feeling stronger than ever in my legs and feet. No fatigue, no soreness, no leg pain, it is wonderful! I have been wearing them to work ever since. Another thing I have noticed, (TMI coming) my shoes are not smelly. May not be related to the insoles, but if they are keeping my feet cooler and the anti-microbial lining in the insole is working that would cut down on foot odor in the shoe itself. Not such a bad thing for me or my family when I get home from work.
Here’s the good news for you! Visit the Happy Feet website to find out more or to place an order (use this promo code: 70746). That’s not all! The wonderful people at Happy Feet are giving me a pair of insoles to giveaway to a lucky reader! Do you want your feet to be as Happy as mine? If so, leave me a comment about why your feet could use some pampering.

Contest closes at 11:59pm Central Time on 8/13/11. Winner will be announced on Monday 8/14/11. Please Make sure to leave you twitter handle in your response. Thank you!

**I was given a pair of Happy Feet Insoles to try for free but the views and opinions of the insoles were my own.**