PureLYFT Review

As a busy mom and a working mom I am so use to reaching for that cup of coffee every morning to kick start my day. Unfortunately me and coffee have a love/hate relationship. The stomach turmoil is not always worth the eye opening jolt I crave and need in the morning. I am always looking for a better alternative to coffee and when the chance to review a new “clean caffeine” came up, I jumped on the chance to review.


LYFT Energy Stir Sticks are made from green coffee bean extract and can be stirred into any beverage of your choosing. The handy stick form allows them to be portable and convenient for an active, busy lifestyle.

This week I found myself out of creamer and literally running out the door without my cup of joe. Luckily, I had the PureLYFT sticks in my work bag so a glass of water easily replaced my cup of coffee. They are easy to use. Just peel off the label and stir into the beverage of your choice. I was surprised that there was very little taste with the stick added to my water. It gave me the wake up call I needed but I did not crash by lunch. I also likes the fact that I did not get a migraine with this product. I tend to be sensitive to zero calorie sweeteners and it was a pleasant surprise that I did not end up up with headache after using both sticks.

As an added bonus, PureLYFT has vitamins A and B complex and 0 calories. I could see me adding this to my post workout smoothies for an extra boost.

I plan on keeping a stash in my desk at work, in my car, gym bag, and my purse for when I need a little pick me up. Not to mention what a great product to travel with on a plane!


To learn more about PureLYFT or to purchase, find them online here

If you end up purchasing, let me know what you think and how you will use yours.