Hello friends

Welcome back friends, it has been awhile. Life sure gets busy when kids start school. Here I thought once the boys started I would have time to get things done. Looks like the opposite happens. Work has been crazy busy and I have been working full-time, very unlike me. A lot of things have taken a backseat and I have to learn how to prioritize all over again. I am signed up as PTA secretary and I never imagined how much work goes into that. Right now is a busy time for PTA and I am looking forward to my upcoming vacation with the family.

To catch you up on my fitness, I was trying to keep up with the #2weekchallenge on Mamavation.com but I got a few days behind and decided to just step back and supplement my workout with the ab crusher advance workout by @Gruntstyle. Can I tell you how much I LOVE this workout! I feel great after doing it and I have felt results after just a week. This week I decided to get back into running. My motivation…hubby and his friend running the Twin Cities 10 mile. You have never seen two guys make a 10mile run look so easy and fun! They made it look like a walk in the park. Made me decide to aspire for a lofty goal next year. Can you say 10 mile?

My good news for the week comes from my work out friend that I have had for the past year and a half or more. When she and I started going to the gym together she swore I would never get her to be a runner. We have tried so many classes together, from Body Pump, Step class, Turbo Kick, Cycle, Rowing, Body Flow, but even as I trained for my 5Ks and mud run she kept telling me she would never run. Well this week, I got her to do some running intervals around the indoor track with me. Not once but 2 different days! I asked her to try walking 2 laps and running a lap (or a lap in a half). If she didn’t like it or felt crummy I promised we would stop. She was a sport and gave it a go on Wednesday. She did great completing 6 laps of running, 12 laps of walking for a total of just shy of 2 miles. On Thursday we met at the gym and she only had a half hour to work out so I suggested we run a little more again, since she did so well the day before and was feeling so good. She agreed and managed to give me at least one double lap getting her 7 running laps, 14 walking laps in less time than the day before. She was so proud of herself and I was so proud of her for trying something new, that she swore she would NEVER do. I think I may have passed on the fever of running to yet another person.

Well this week is another crazy work week for me. I am hoping to plan out a ab challenge in November as part of the #corewarrior series. I am hoping for some time here in the very near future to start working out the details.

I wish you all a great and healthy week!!


Motivation Monday

After a hiatus, I am back! I found my exercise mojo and I have been up and at it. As of June 1st I started the Lazyman Triathlon through my local YMCA. What is the Lazyman Tri you ask? I have 6 weeks to complete what most Ironman athletes complete in a day. I will be swimming 2.5 miles (ok rowing because I cannot enter the pool with my latest injury, a burn on my thumb), cycling 112 miles, and running 26.2 miles. A very attainable goal for me since I did this same event last year. This year my challenge is to complete it sooner. I have 30 miles on the bike and over 8 mile running and we just completed week 1. I should check into Omron Healthcare’s pedometer to see how many steps are in a mile so I can track this while at work.

My other motivation is from a friend of mine. I had encouraged her last fall to join the YMCA and work out with me. Well, while I have been slacking she has turned up the pace and can you say jealous! The girl has some guns! Mama Guns that make mine look like tiny water pistols. Don’t even get me started on her legs! So I have some catching up to do and I WILL CATCH UP! So it begins….

Now if I could only find the nutritional balance. I know what I SHOULD eat but my problem still is getting the two almost 6 year olds on board with the program. I would love it if I could put out some garlic basil humus and celery/carrot sticks as a snack. I could but I would be the only one eating them. It’s a shame because they are really missing out on such a yummy snack. So what I need is some advice in the lunch area. I have been very good at tracking and planning my dinners this past week. I want to expand that to lunches. I have always been bad at lunch planning (my Achilles heel if you will, when it comes to nutrition) and I usually end up making two different meals, one for me and one for the boys. Cue Alysa Bajenaru, RD (@InspiredRD) who is the guest on Mamavation TV tonight. What timing! Hoping for some recipe inspiration and a good healthy dose of “here eat this”.

So for those reading this, I beg you to help me brainstorm and share some lunch ideas for me and the kidlets (they are very opinionated about food).


**This post is sponsored by Omron Healthcare and I’m writing this to be entered into a Omron Go Smart Pedometer giveaway hosted by Mamavation .


Family’s Healthy Lifestyle

It is so fitting that this week’s blogging carnival question for Mamavation is “How do you encourage your children to contribute to your family’s healthy lifestyle?”.

This week my family has reached several of our goals, together. My husband and I have continued engaging the boys in discussions about what is healthy for our bodies. It touches my heart that my 5 year olds now bring up the topic on their own, daily. We have been having the boys help with meal prep at each meal. We talk about each ingredient that goes into our food and where it came from and why it is good for our bodies. Since the boys are helping make the food, they have been more willing to try new things. This is HUGE for my picky eaters. They have actually had turkey sandwiches (after we cut them into cute shapes with cookie cutters), healthy lasagna, chicken and cheese quesadillas with flax seeds, homemade blueberry muffins with flax, and (I can’t believe it) ceasar salad all in a matter of a week. I have kept fresh fruit ready in the fridge all this week so when they tell me they are hungry, which seems to be about every 30-45 minutes lately (growing?), they can help themselves.

At dinner this week, we have been talking as a family about what to plant in our garden. We want to plant vegetables that the boys will want to eat. So we asked them. So far we have agreed on: green beans, bell peppers, Serrano peppers, tomatoes (the type is up for debate), basil, cilantro, strawberries and lettuce (varieties not yet decided). Hoping to add sweet potatoes to that, but so far I’m not winning that debate. The boys helped plant the garden last year and they ate the green beans, I’m hoping for the best again this year. We will be receiving some vegetables from my mom who ordered from a local CSA Farm in our area. She lives alone and is splitting with another family, but she still won’t be able to keep up with the amount of vegetables she will receive.

I will continue challenging the boys, and my husband, with healthy foods. Now I need to move on to exercise. I have been researching more family classes at my local YMCAs but also community programs. Today, we as a family, went to the YMCA for a Family Fitness class and the boys were so excited they were literally running circles in the hall waiting for the class to open. They were all smiles from ear to ear during the class as we ran, jump, skipped, danced and drummed on stabilization balls. Afterwards they begged, not too hard, for all of us to race around the track a few times. It was such a wonderful feeling to be working out as a family. I cannot wait for the snow to melt so we can get out on our bikes and ride for miles and miles, play baseball, learn golf together, and so many other family activities. I vow, with all of you reading as my witnesses, I will get all of us to do at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. My goal, is for us to do it as a family. I will engage my boys by letting them help decide between a list of activities.

For how hard I have struggled the past few weeks with my own motivation, I feel like I have crossed the finish line after all. My race is not over since there is always more. But I found my motivation again this week and my drive to continue leading my family down the path to better health. To the lovely Mamavation Moms of this campaign, I love you all and I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of you. We have laughed, sweated, and cried along with you. Your journeys are not ending. You have been given very valuable tools and all of you have the strength to continue on even when the campaign is over. You will not be alone, we are still here for each of you, as your Sistas, forever. Mhuh!


What makes you determined to push forward to achieve your goals, desires, dreams? Is it your family, friends, fear of failure? What happens when you get of course? Do you pick yourself back up, wipe off the muck and get back on track? Or do you sit there and find an excuse as to why you can’t continue on?

To succeed, you have to be determined to reach that success. You cannot lay back and wait for it to fall into your lap or for the pounds to simple fall off. It takes work, HARD work, as well as the drive to keep going when things get tough. Remember what is pushing you forward. Remember those who support you and are cheering you on.

Why am I writing this post? To remind MYSELF why I am on this healthy journey. To reflect back on all the reasons why I want to raise a healthy family. Why I want to prepare healthy meals 7 days a week and change our eating habits for good, even though I am met with groans almost daily. To remember why I get up and go to the gym and role model why we all need exercise. It is a struggle, some days more than others, but in the end I am sure it will pay off. How do I know? Because I believe I can make it happen.

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” -Gail Devers