Living Healthier with Technology

I had a whirlwind of a weekend! We were off to Madison, Wi for a wedding on my Husband’s side of the family.  Hubby and I were all set and ready to run early Friday morning. We have bee using our Nike+ Sportbands since May to help track our runs. As we were getting ready to run, I look over at little man R and realize that his left ankle is twice the size of his right and a nasty red color and warm to the touch. My run get’s placed on the back burner as I get on the phone with the insurance company to find an Urgent Care that is covered in Wisconsin. So two hours later we are back at the in-laws house, with antibiotics in hand, and I am now ready to get in a quick workout in before the wedding. So I grab my iPhone, not running anymore, too hot and not enough time, and instead did a quick Nike Training Workout from one of my apps.

My point, thank goodness for technology! Whether it is helping me track my runs, or sneaking in a quick on the go workout. I use many different forms of technology for healthy living. I have my iPhone to  map my running and biking routes, play my favorite tunes while I sweat it out on the treadmill, or tell me that it I am half way through my run and need to turn around and start heading towards home while not missing a beat in my favorite Katy Perry song. I have a heart rate monitor to track my heart rate and calorie burn during Cardio Kick and Cycle or any other cardio activity that I may want to makke sure I am keeping my hear trate on Target. Technology has made fitness a little easier for us to do on the fly and while traveling. We can bring our favorite workouts with us in the palm of our hand. I have used pedometers  (like they have at Omron Fitness) at work to track my steps to challenge myself each week to see if I could go a few steps further each time. But my last one went through the wash and well, it hasn’t been replaced.

I use the Internet to find and share healthy recipes such as and and  as well as twitter. I have become such a better cook since website like these have emerged! I hated sorting through cookbooks and trying recipes without any feedback. It has been so nice to search for recipes, read reviews and try recipes based on other people’s reviews and feedback.

Twitter and Blogging has also kept me accountable for my fitness goals. By making my goals public my friends and family will check in on me asking me how I am doing and it keeps me pushing forward and working harder towards achieving those goals.

We are off in the morning for a weeks vacation. Planning on some hiking, family yoga, swimming, and so much more. Take care!!

This post is sponsored by Omron Fitness and I’m writing this to be entered into an Omron Fitness pedometer giveaway hosted by Mamavation .


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Monica Young
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 07:44:00

    I hope the little man is ok and nothing serious. What an inspiration. You were able to adapt and find the right thing to do, but did not give away and used the situations as excuses. I feel more motivated now. Thanks for sharing


  2. Mary (MsMary'sWorld) (@msmary1962)
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 08:18:01

    Lots of fun and exciting ways to use technology, glad his ankle was ok and have a great week!


  3. Megan @mnmspecial
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 08:57:50

    I hope your little guy is doing better. You show great dedication for a healthy lifestyle. I’m do glad you have embraced technology to further improve your workout efficiency.


  4. MrsFatass
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 19:06:44

    I do love the technology in my health and fitness routine, too! Hope your boy is on the mend, and good for you still getting the workout in!


  5. Lena
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 23:05:21

    This is insane how iPhone can take us places and help us in just about anything. I swear I was kicking and screaming, because I didn’t want to give up to iPhonization and now I can’t get far without it. Rock on!


  6. kia
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 20:57:17

    Tech can make healthy living simpler with options for food and workouts. I love your use of it as an aid rather than being so reliant it becomes a hindrance.


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