A Fresh Start

I am so late with this post this week due to lack of sleep & unexpected double shifts at work. But I really hope people get to read this post. I HAVE NEWS! I am practically bursting at the seams I can’t wait to share with you! I feel like I have finally accomplished another break through. But I am going to make you wait. Tee hee. ; )

So some of you may have read last weeks post of my heat related running issue, I am better. I have refueled with water an am back with a full tank. Sunday after my 5K played 18 holes of golf with hubby and my father in-law. Monday was a rest day because I really should have rested on Sunday and my body made sure to tell me so. Tuesday was our travel day home. Wednesday morning I received a call from my mom (who is a widow, long story and another reason for why I am on a mission for a healthy family) to tell me she needed help painting the outside of her house. Come again? It’s 7:30am and you’re doing what? “I’ll be right over” with twin torpedos (my 5 year olds who were wound up after being in a car the day before). So I spent Wednesday going up and down a 20ft ladder (great glut workout by way), and working my arms by painting for 9 hours. Thursday I was at my mom’s again for 5 more hours of painting followed by a quick shower then off to work. Friday I worked for 16 1/2 hours (3pm-7:30am on Saturday), Saturday well I slept until I had to be at work again by 7pm. Then Sunday it was off to work again by 3pm.

So where is this good news you ask? Ah…good question. My good news is not about me. I may have been the busy mama. But a certain husband of mine has been taken notes. And I couldn’t be more proud of him!! Since our 5K on Saturday he has run several times during lunch last week and this week. He is watching what he eats. Wait, let me say that differently, he is eating very healthy. He made me several meals this past weekend (let’s face it, I was in no shape to be using sharp tools, lack of sleep) and he cut vegetables and made fresh wrap sandwiches for both of us. He ate raw vegetables on his own. I had to look twice just to make sure I had the same husband. Even eating out with friends on Tuesday night he made smart choices. He is doing very well. While I slept on Saturday he did our grocery shopping and attempted at meal planning. We may have to go again mid-week but he did great. I guess it proves that if you just keep going and keep leading by example your family will follow suit when they are ready. I don’t nag him, at least not about food (may want to watch the comments for his feedback on that). I just don’t buy the junk food, candy, soda, etc. If it’s not in the house no one will eat it. The kids won’t ask or crave it.

So here’s hoping we can keep our family on the right path. And here’s to our FRESH Food Start!


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