Mamavation Monday

I love living in Minnesota, not for its winters, but for the changing seasons. Fall is a special time of year here. The air is crisp, the trees are full of colors, and it is a great time to be outdoors before the winter season arrives. My family and I took an impromptu trip to Duluth, MN up on Lake Superior’s North Shore. Duluth is 2 hours North of where my family and I live. My brother and his girlfriend currently reside in Duluth so it was a great excuse for us to pay a visit. Duluth and all along the North Shore has a lot to see and do. There are a ton of hiking trails, since it hosts the Superior hiking trail among others, several waterfalls, lighthouses, shops, restaurants, skiing, boat tours, train rides, camping, you name it the North Shore and Duluth have it. Since we were only going to be there for 24 hours we had to limit what we could do. So after we had dinner we took my brother, his girlfriend, and my boys swimming at the hotel pool. After everyone was tuckered out, we went to bed so we could get an early start on our morning. We had breakfast, picked my brother up at his house and headed North out of Duluth towards Gooseberry Falls. It was a beautiful hike through the woods to the falls. We were a little late in the season to hit peak colors in the trees and the River Birches

had already lost all their leaves, but it was a warm sunny day for our hike.



Gooseberry Falls Hike

So the hike was nice, we got closer to the falls, the boys were even more excited. Gooseberry is fun because you can climb down to the falls or take the stairs. Our family finds stairs over rated.


Climbing down to the Falls


Once down this is your playground.


Gooseberry Falls


The picture does not do it justice, and it is so hard to fit it all one frame from were we stood. So here is how you get to the other side.


Crossing the falls


My Brother is in the hat and hubby is on the bigger rock. I made them carry the boys because, well, I’m a clutz. While were crossing, hubby was yelling at me to put the camera away so it wouldn’t get wet. I guess he was having flash backs to when him and I were crossing a river in the Ozarks and I fell in and my boot floated down river. When I recovered from that I ended up stabbing my head on a broken tree branch and gave myself a nice concussion and a permanent indent on my head/hairline as a reminder. True story, but off topic. Back to the North Shore…


Looking down towards the falls drop point from on top


Sp once we hiked back to the car, we drove North more towards another popular North Shore Destination, Split Rock Lighthouse (built-in 1909).


Split Rock Lighthouse


This is another place to climb on rocks and to get your stair climbing in.


Half way up the stairs.


The adults ran the stairs. Kind wish I had the time to run them a few times. It was fun!

We drove back to Duluth for a very late lunch. We then hit Spirit Mountain’ s Timber Twister Alpine Coaster on our way out of Duluth. This was the boys’ favorite part. They are going to be roller coaster junkies like their mom and dad. There are only 4 of these coaster in the US and this is the only one in the Midwest. You have total control over your car and it can travel a max speed of 26mph. Couldn’t take pictures while flying down the track but here are a few hubby shot on our ride back up the mountain.

Timber Twister


Relaxing on our way up the mountain


We were tired on the way home. The boys were hungry at one point so we stopped at Subway for dinner.

Speaking of Subway their Commit to Fit Campaign with Jared is on its way. Have you entered? Along with eating a healthier diet, and exercise I feel that being mentally fit is important too. That is one reason why this little weekend trip was nice for my family. But when I can’t get away from the stress and chaos of life I turn to music. Music is one of those amenities I CANNOT live without. I love to sing (though I should not do so in public) and dance. Music takes me to a whole new place. My workout playlist is jammed with songs that I cannot sit still through. I have to move when I hear them, even on the craziest, or laziest of days, I pop on my iPod and it helps get me to the gym. I have a few playlists for the car too. One is for family car trips that everyone can sing along to and another when it is time to relax the kids in the car. My favorite song to get me going, at least this week, is “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis. I tend to listen to it the most while working on my running. “Henrietta” also by The Fratellis is another good song for me.

So, what’s your favorite tune to listen to during your workout? Let me know and I may have to add it to my own list!

Congrats to our SOTW Amanda of @beeacutie2 !



11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa @ljenator
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 04:13:17

    Oh it’s beautiful! It looks liek you had a great time and the kidlets really enjoyed themselves!

    I hope you have a great week!


  2. colleen
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 09:56:58

    what a beautiful hike!!!


  3. Amanda @beeacutie2
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 10:55:42

    wow those pictures make me wnat to come vist! Looks like such a great time and a great way to stay active! Good job!!!


  4. kia
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 11:21:37

    Thank you for sharing. All I know of MN is the airport and Mall of the Americas (via airport shuttle on layover). That looks like a fabulous way to spend your weekend in early fall.


  5. Steph (@fitmomintraining)
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 11:24:39

    Wow that is beautiful. What a great place to go! Speaking as someone who lives close enough (9 hrs North) to know what you go through in winter, I have to say that I could do without the winter but it’s so worth it when you have the beautiful season changes that we do. I think our fall season is so incredible. Too bad it’s followed by 20 feet of snow and sub freezing temps but hey, we can’t have it all or we’d get all egotistical about it LOL!


  6. Resa Barillas
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 06:25:16

    Aww, lucky! That’s beautiful – Southern California is great, but I miss seasons that change. It’s so great to see you enjoying what a beautiful place you live and sharing it with your family!! Keep enjoying and sharing 🙂


  7. lorrie
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 02:21:47

    so glad you had a great vacation thanks for sharing those pictures, you had activity and family bonding what a great adventure

    good luck with your goals this week


  8. gretablau
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 00:55:17

    Wow that looks like a fantastic day!!! I love the story about your mishap with the boat. Am I allowed to giggle even though you have a scar? Just love that you had such a fantastic outdoorsy day with your family!


  9. Angela @ Nine More Months
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 05:21:38

    Wow, that looks like a gorgeous place to hike. What a fun and healthy activity to do with your family. Love it. 🙂


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