Mamavation Monday

I know, I’m early, but I just got off work and I am wide awake so I thought I would do my post. This week I have been working on the Buff ‘N Tuff challenge for Mama Guns. I feel in love with weight training back in December ’09. To tell you the truth, a few weeks into weight training I started noticing huge changes in my body. I was burning fat faster, I felt stronger, and some lean muscle decided to show up. Talk about some results. I have quads now, WooHoo! So getting back on topic…here is what I did this week:

Monday: Ate a decent breakfast and did Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones DVD

Tuesday: Swam 65 lengths of the pool at my local YMCA. (Focused on legs)

Wednesday: Cycle class for and hour then a quick round of free weights to work the arms.

Thursday: Body Flow Yoga followed by Pilates Reformer with my trainer (all strength training).

Friday: I did a Water X class at the YMCA. We did a lot of resistance training of the arms and legs during the class. This was a new class for me that my friend wanted to try out. We thought it would be a piece of cake, it seemed easy but we could feel the burn later in the evening in the arms.

Saturday: My hubby and I dug out all of our front pine bushes in our front yard. It was only 5 bushes but they have been there since 1964 and the ground hasn’t been touched since then. Lots of hard shoveling and digging and pulling at the bushes (it was 2hrs worth of work).

Goals for next week: more weights training, hitting the gym 5 days, water, and more veggies. It is going to be a busy week this week as I prepare for a garage sale with my mom and 3 of her friends. I have so much stuff to get out of my house!

Subway is now a sponsor of Mamavation! A big welcome to them! I am super excited since I love Subway! They are my to go to stop when I need a quick bit to eat on the go. Visit them at to find your perfect sandwich.

Congratulations to our Mamavation Sista of the Week Pamela M. Kramer of @PamelaMKramer!

Have a great week everyone!


16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leah @bookieboo
    Sep 19, 2010 @ 12:47:13

    You are a rockstar girl! XXOO


  2. Greta
    Sep 19, 2010 @ 19:51:40

    Hey there!! I love weight training too! It’s amazing what it does to your body!
    I love that you’re getting such a variety of exercise in. Very cool. I have to try something new soon too!

    Have a great week and good luck on your goals!


  3. Scarlett Black @MMScarlett
    Sep 19, 2010 @ 21:46:25

    WOW your activity last week was amazing!

    Have a great week


  4. April-GaFlygirl
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 01:58:33

    Woohoo! good job on the weight training, yoga,pilates,and swimming! I would love to get into a swimming program! I love it and it is such good workout! I heard our local recreation dept has a new pool but it makes no mention of it on their website so I don’t know. I have thought about joining in the future.


  5. Steph (@fitmomintraining)
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 04:24:10

    I’ll have to check my YMCA to see if they have that Water X class. Sounds awesome! I need to get back to doing classes there now that the fall schedule is out.
    I’m so glad you’re loving weights! Yahoo!!


  6. CJ @CJinKY
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 05:46:46

    Wow! Your rocked the work outs this week! I’m a little jealous…


  7. Janice @ Mom on the run
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 06:34:18

    Wow! I’m tired just reading that – great job!!!


  8. Laila
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 09:07:23

    Nice workouts this week! I need to learn how to swim, I hear that is a great workout. Best of luck to you this week!


  9. Danielle Brigance
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 09:31:21

    Awesome job this week!


  10. mozzie76
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 22:15:08

    Wow! What a great week! I love your exercise mix and sounds like you enjoyed it too! I’ve just started adding weight training so I’m super excited to see the results you found with it and looking forward to the results for me! Keep it up!


  11. Julie M
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 01:36:29

    Great job this week!!


  12. kia
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 03:11:03

    Reading your post I was instantly jealous of your time in the water. I need to get to some laps. I love playing in the water too. Have a great week meeting your goals, weights, gym, and raking in the cash at the yard sale.


  13. pauline
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 03:55:27

    Impressive schedule! I’m taking notes on what everyone else is doing for ideas. Thanks.


  14. Heather @ Not a DIY Life
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 06:14:44

    I love working out in the water! Great resistance, and an awesome burn after!! Love the variety in your workout schedule.

    Keep up the good work, girl!


  15. Amanda O
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 06:23:57

    I agree your post made me tried! lol you are rocking it!


  16. @PamelaMKramer - A Renaissance Woman
    Sep 24, 2010 @ 06:55:20

    So glad you are at the YMCA. It’s a great place to work out. Swimming is nice. Keep up the good work. Good luck this week.


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