Getting fit for Vacation!!

All right! Here we go! A goal. It has to start with a goal. I have a wonderful, belated honeymoon trip coming up on August 8th. That is 2 months away! My goal is to be hubby’s fitness coach to get him ready to go, while improving on my own fitness goals of course! So tomorrow marks the big day of the rest of his new fitness lifestyle! I will be heading to the local YMCA in the morning for my normal routine, a spin class, but I will also be increasing my membership from individual to family! I am so excited!! I can bring the boys to the family yoga class and swimming, not to mention, help hubby get motivated to get fit! Later in the evening, not sure if we are going before or after dinner, but we will be going to the Y to get a jumpstart on his new routine.

Now the question becomes, what do I start him out with? Do I take him to a class? Or do we hit the treadmill/ free wights? Swimming, maybe? Choices choices choices…But I’m thinking a class will be better at getting him hooked. Classes are great for people who like to be social and it helps find where your interests lie. There are also classes for every fitness level and every age. Take step class. I have done several step classes at the Y recently and there is a variety of age groups from teens to those in their 60s to 70s. You don’t need to use the step for every move and no one says you have to add a riser to your step either. Make the workout your own. Talk to the instructor to see what moves can be taken down or taken up a step to match your fitness level. I’m thinking we will be hitting Body Step tomorrow evening. Step got me hooked and it is a  great way to jumpstart into cardio training. Who knows, maybe I’ll add in a Body Pump class tomorrow too…or not.


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